Bansko Properties - Apartments house studio for sale in Bansko and the region

Imoti Bansko is a real estate company focused entirely on the secondary property market in Bansko.

We have experience in secondary sales. We offer a wide selection of completed and in most cases furnished apartments near the town of Bansko and the golf course and surrounding villages. We know in detail the real estate market in the region and we can give an adequate assessment and consultation.
We know taht every client is special and the goal is to keep every customer happy with your purchase. You can contact us at any time from Monday to Sunday.
Our office in Bansko is open 7 days a week.

Our Team

Milena Milenkova has been working in the Real Estate field since 2009. For a very short period she turns in a great expert in her field as her clients say.T
The secret lies in loving what you do, knowing in details the specifics of the particular market, to be honest and open, to understand each client. Being a manager of a coffee chain the UK and an Operational Manager of the same chain in Bulgaria teaches how to make one client very special, to identify their needs and to manage to give them what they have come for. It also teaches how to be diplomatic. Accountability, embracing the challenges, problem solving, and the skill to be open with people and be there for them when they need you are some of the keys for success and all this makes one person a Pro in their field.

Mob. +359 885 307 987
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Address: 43 Glazne Str., Bansko, 2770 Bulgaria

Mob. +359 885 307 987 | 0898 607 846
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Address: Bugaria, 2770 Bansko, 43 Glazne Str.